Greetings everyone! My name is Erick and I’m here telling folks about what I usually tell people about in my normal, daily life. I’m really into how the world around us works especially in the sense of how we as human beings interact with many different other Earth-bound species in meaningful and amazing ways throughout our common history.

During the day I lead whale watching trips in the Salish Sea. If you’ve never heard of that, that’s okay it’s a big inland sea just on the edge of Washington State right before you cross into Canada. Other times I teach students on sailboats also in Salish Sea. And every day and everywhere I go I like to make connections with others about the world we live in and how it has come to be.

In all this is an introduction to all my non-human friends and how they relate to us and we relate to them.This is also a little example about what I usually end up talking about with anyone who will put up with me.